Youngsters Aged 17 To 20 Buy Fake ID

High school and college students in the Chicago area buy fake ID from China through the Internet. It so happened that detectives came at their doorstep to bring bad news. They were all arrested and had the criminals gather adequate information about their identities.

According to Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff, they have arrested around 40 young people for disorderly conduct over the last few weeks in relation to an earlier seizure done this year. 1,700 counterfeit driver’s license were shipped from China at the Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

During a news conference, Mr. Dart said the licenses were hidden inside boxes of toys, jewelry and even a webcam and were to be sent to a handful of addresses in Chicago and the suburbs before they are received by the young people who paid between $75 and $100. He said the fake ID looked real including water marks, which are reflected in real licenses.

The youngsters, aged between 17 and 20, were tracked down easily, as they hadn’t change their names, birth date and addresses. There were also some who bought fake licenses for states other than Illinois like Wisconsin and South Dakota.

The youngsters arrested could have been charged with felony; however, were ordered to do 25 hours of community service and in some cases fined. This is in relation to the disorderly conduct of having fake drivers’ licenses.

Their charges as what the sheriff has recommended could have been the least of their concerns. They risked losing their drivers’ licenses for a year or more, and the young defendants could have had their families lost their finances due to identity theft. With just their name and date of birth, crooks could have accessed their bank accounts.

According to the sheriff, counterfeit licenses from China are now increasing in most recent months and are expected to go up. The reason for this is having a harder time to shut them down, especially that they work overseas.

Dart said that the site where the arrested 40 young people got their fake ID is still operating. This is the result when they buy fake ID and now they’re having a hard time having them shut down.

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