Yakima Valley Looking For Teachers And Workers From Other Countries


In Central Washington, the farmers have been looking for workers to work under their employment and they are even willing to expand their search in other countries. The same goes for another profession which is teaching.

Angela Munda is a worker originally from Cebu City, an island part of the Philippines, has been employed by the Grandview School District as one of their speech language pathologist. She has been working there for around three years already and she is still enjoying what she does. In fact, she was given another extension for her visa which allows her to stay for another two years in the country so that she could renew her contract with as the district’s pathologist.

According to Munda, she knew that working there will be a challenger for her but she also knew that she will get a lot in terms of trainings and experiences. She also expressed how she loved to work with people from different nationalities and she view it as another way for her to improve her skills by learning how to speak Spanish, for example.

The position that Munda got with the district is not just about her and how she wanted to live and work in the United States but it also shows how the local school districts all throughout the country are desperate for workers that they are trying out new tactics in encouraging qualified employees to work for them. They are also trying their best to retain these professionals since there is obviously a shortage when it comes to qualified workers in the main positions.

The shortage when it comes to teachers in the district of Washington has made them take another step by conducting a meeting to discuss the current situation with the Board of Education. The local superintendents all came together to discuss the subject matter.

In the last few years, Grandview is known to import qualified workers from other countries in order to fill vacancies especially in the area of special education. If you are a worker in Thailand and would love to teach English as a profession, visit ProTEFL for their various programs.

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