Yachting Holiday For A Staggering Amount Of £689,000 A Week

Not many people have experienced a yachting holiday because it is assumed to be exclusive to the famous and rich. Those who have never gone on a sailing vacation believe that it is beyond their means which is actually true in some cases. There are some instances when a sailing holiday can be considered as extremely luxurious like spending £689,000 for a week of a yacht charter.

The Amaryllis is a 250-foot super yacht with a pool, six elegant suites and a self playing piano that can be chartered for £689,000 or €770,000 a week. For that amount, you can buy a mansion; however, for the mega rich, it is just a drop in a bucket. Aside from the impressive lounging and dining options cross the five decks, the super yacht boasts of two gyms and a spacious lounge that has been designed with chandeliers.

The Amaryllis was built in 2011 by the highly acclaimed German shipyard Abeking& Rasmussen. A total of 23 crew members who are housed in the less glitzy quarters are prepared to serve and provide all the needs of 12 guests. Guests are entertained by a self playing piano Schimmel Pegasus in the lounge. There is no need to have a human pianist who will playhours of background music for the guests.

Aside from the piano, the super yacht has a fleet of towable water toys including a jetski that was designed by a former world champion. The main salon that has been designed for the entertainment of guests is an epitome of elegance and wealth. On the inviting sundeck, you can find a Jacuzzi pool that comes complete with different coloured lights.

The mega yacht was photographed while berthed at the James Watt Dock Marina in Greenock, Scotland. If a group of 12 persons will charter the yacht, it will require £57,000 per head, a staggering amount to pay for a brief holiday in the waters.

Meanwhile, there is Far Away Yachting that offers an affordable but exciting sailing holiday for families that want to enjoy the tropical climate of Thailand. You have a choice from catamarans and yachts that have been equipped to ensure the comfort and convenience of guests.

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