Wildest And Most Insane Additions To Celebrity Homes

Supposing money is not an issue; what kind of elaborate or insane amenities will you include in the dream home? For some lucky folks, most of them celebrities, money is certainly not a problem that is why they have turned in reality some of their wildest home décor fantasies. E! Online has listed some of the most outrageous additions in the homes of the rich and famous.

  1. In his Hidden Hills California mansion, Drake has a bedroom that is hidden behind a movable shelf and has added an 80-foot waterslide at the Yolo estate.
  2. Barbara Streisand has added an actual mall in her Malibu home complete with a dress shop and candy store. It was reported that Streisand has invited John Travolta and Lady Gaga for an hour-long tour of the basement shopping mall although there is no word if the guests took home any merchandise.
  3. Michael Jordan has a full-size NBA-spec basketball court inside his home in Highland Park. This 9-bedroom, 56,000 square-foot estate is actually in the market for a whopping $14,855,000, a number that delights clever Jordan fans. In case you are interested, there are videos about the place.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio is one celebrity who wakes up every morning to walk across a reflexology stone pathway before he takes a Vitamin E enriched shower. DiCaprio even has lighting that simulates the breaking of dawn. Light is introduced gradually at a customizable pace.
  5. Neil Patrick Harris took home additions to a step further. He has built a Magic Man Cave where he can watch football and drink beer together with his buddies. The magic cave also has its share of tricks from top hats and wands.

Celebrities can make their imagination run wild and this is very obvious in the home additions that they have built to make their abodes unique and out of this world.

However, non-celebrities can also make home additions with the highest standards of creativity and quality through Addstyle. Homes can be renovated or extensions can be added to add value to the property and at the same time realize the dreams of the family.

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