Why It Is Better To Outsource Office Cleaning

Very few people realize the importance of janitors and custodians in the workplace. However, you cannot blame people for ignoring them because these unsung heroes work during in the evening when employees have gone home to their families. They clean the floors, empty wastebaskets, and restock paper towels. During the Christmas season, the work becomes more difficult because the janitors have to manoeuvre around the Christmas tree.

Cleaning the workplace during the holiday season is not a problem for Jeff Mitchell who has been cleaning office buildings for Dow Services of Fargo for eight years. Having a Christmas tree is common at this time of the year even if glitter has to be cleaned up regularly. Mitchell’s one complaint is employees that throw cups full of coffee on the garbage. There is a sink that can be used for dumping coffee before the cup is disposed of.

Mike Dow and Julie Belch experienced cleaning office buildings when they were still kids because their father owned a commercial cleaning company. Today, Dow Services cleans 65 banks and commercial office buildings that range from 1,000 to 154,000 square feet in the metro area, Grand Forks and Fergus Falls.

The business focuses only on office buildings, not supermarkets and big box stores. 80 full and part time employees perform the vacuuming, mopping, emptying of trash, cleaning bathrooms and replenishing of paper towels. A building or one area of a building is cleaned in the evening of working days.

Many of the employees of Dow Company have been with the business for years because the job of cleaning an office building is actually easy. It is completely stress-free because office employees are no longer around. All that the cleaning staffs need to do is show up at the building, put on the headphones, do some cleaning while burning a few calories and get paid for the job.

Offices want to impress their visitors, clients and potential customers that is why they prefer to outsource the job of cleaning to Commercial Cleaners in Gold Coast who are trained and experienced for the job. A professional image is very important for a business because it affects the perception of clients.

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