Who Can You Approach For A Simple Reverse Mortgage Quote

It’s not easy to acquire a reverse mortgage as you need to do research and seek advice from professionals. The simple reverse mortgage quote allows the elderly to access their home equity without the need for making monthly mortgage payments. There are many people to help you with the process and make you identify if the product is right for your needs.

Knowing Your Family’s Decision

If you have adult children, you simply want to involve them in the process and know their expectations. For instance, it may be important for them to inherit your family home. When one retiree from Georgia gathered all her six adult children, she discovered that they didn’t mind if she availed a reverse mortgage. Unluckily, not many seniors have saved adequately for their golden years, so they have to find other means to add to their income. Rather than relying on their adult children for financial support, they can try using their home equity through a simple reverse mortgage quote as a source of income.

Dealing with A Trusted Adviser

It is important for seniors to have legal or financial advisers to entrust their assets. Many financial planners recommend to their senior clients reverse mortgages as a retirement tool. What this implies is having the adviser knowledgeable about the product. If you’re somehow interested, discuss this matter with him so you can supplement your retirement income. He can determine whether you really have the need for this product.

HUD Counselor

Before you secure reverse mortgage, you need to have an appointment with the HUD approved counselor before such application is processed. The counseling will ensure you are making the right decision and have all the information you need. The appointment can be done in person or by calling.


You need to have a lender who is a recognized member of the NRMLA to offer you a reverse mortgage. These member lenders abide by professional responsibility and strict code of conduct so you can avail a simple reverse mortgage quote, which means something relevant to your home equity. There will be an appraiser to assess your property so you get the real value of your home. Once approved, you meet with a title agent to sign and notarize closing documents regarding the loan.

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