When The Cockroach Population Is Out Of Control

Leith Murray was working at his desk when he saw a big cockroach fly down from the ceiling to his neck. The cockroach scurried over his shoulder before he can swat it. While Murray is not really bothered by the pest, he said that the insect and rodent problem at the Biggs Building in New Castle has gotten worse.

In the state Audit & Recovery Management Services offices where Murray worked for almost 2 decades, the number of cockroach incidents over the past 4 years has increased but last year it was out of control. Roaches scurry over desks, on the floors, walls and ceilings including the filing area of the building. His boss was pretty vigilant in addressing the problem but it continued to persist.

Murray believes that it is the responsibility of the State of Delaware to provide a clean and safe workplace environment; however, this is not happening because the cockroach population is definitely increasing. One of Murray’s supervisors has sent a complaint and received a response that the issue will be addressed immediately.

According to the supervisor, exterminators arrive every 4 to 6 weeks but it is not enough to solve the problem. Part of the issue is size of the building that houses the offices. When the exterminators treat one wing of the building complex, the cockroaches and rodents relocate to the other wings.

According to the Pest Control Services contract which is on file with the State of Delaware, inspections must be held every month with treatment plans and monitoring in place. However, the sticky traps that they use are not effective because they are immediately filled up. The contract also states that the kitchen, laundry areas and warehouses must be inspected weekly. Pest control service monitors the situation but it seems like the building is conducive to cockroaches.

It is important for cockroaches to be eradicated immediately through pest control in Sydney before they go out of control. The population of cockroaches can easily multiply to become a hazard to the health of humans. The pests spread serious diseases that can affect both adults and children.

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