When Human Dentists Are Replaced By Unassisted Robots

Going to a dental check-up is harrowing enough for most people but how will you feel when root canal implant surgery is performed by a robot that is unassisted by a human? In China, a robot performed dental surgery without human assistance and took about an hour to be performed. Human doctors were present to observe the process but they were simply observers to the successful surgery. Will the use of robots eventually affect the business of dental surgeons?

According to experts, dental implants have to be fitted within a margin error of 0.2 to 0.3mm, the required standard for this type of surgical procedure. The technology of dental implants using robots was designed to overcome the shortage of qualified dentists in Mainland China. It also hopes to reduce the frequency of human surgical errors.

Robotic technology for dental surgery was developed jointly by Fourth Military Medical University’s affiliated Stomatological Hospital that is based in Xian and the robot institute of Beihang University located in Beijing, China. According to Dr. Zhao Yimin a leading oral rehabilitation specialist of mainland China, the robot aims to combine the best of dentist’s expertise and the benefits provided by technology.

The future of the dental industry looks promising with the use of robots. The two teeth that have been implanted were 3D printed. Unassisted robotic surgeries have been increasing in recent years. Robots are used to assist dentists with procedures like root canal implant surgery and other orthodontic operations.

In the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of Yomi, a robotic system that has been designed to assist human dental surgeons when fitting implants. Can you imagine yourself undergoing a dental implant that is performed by an unassisted robot? As the technology matures, it will eventually become more precise without any human errors.

If the natural teeth can still be saved, a better treatment is root canal implant to ensure that they will healthy and sound to last a lifetime. Root canal is the procedure that aims to save a badly decayed or damaged tooth instead of having it removed.

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