What Happens Behind E-Sports League Of Legends Competitions

The popularity of e-sports is so sudden that it took the world by storm. It became an industry on its own with players training to become professionals, players making their own game reviews online and players who are streaming their games online among many others. The game developers are earning big and the players are making a name of their own in the industry. League of Legends is one of the most popular video game with frequent tournaments held.

The company that is responsible for developing the game, Riot Games, even started hosting their own tournaments that they decided to design a trophy to be awarded during championship games. While they have a few challenges designing it, they were not prepared for the actual weight of the trophy after it was completed. It weighs a whooping 70 pounds.

According to Riot Games’ vice president, Dustin Beck, the trophy can only be lifted with the help of five people. The trophy is called Summoner’s Cup and it looks similar to a huge chalice with silver plating. Game of Thrones fans might have thought it to be one the show’s props if they don’t have any idea what it was for.

Thomas Lyte was the British company that manufactured the trophy. Riot Games decided to send it back to lessen the weight but after taking away five pounds from it, the trophy is still unexpectedly heavy. Despite the weight, millions of players all over the world are vying to get their hands on the trophy.

The next finals tournament is happening on October 19 and it is going to be organized in a World Cup stadium because they are expecting that around 40,000 fans will be attending the event. In the previous year, a team from South Korea won the Summoner’s Cup and 32 million people came to watch the event. Aside from the trophy, the winning team also got the prize money of $1 million. it was held at Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

It is expected that thousands of game reviews will come out right after this year’s tournament and Riot Games is already excited because they have been hands on in organizing everything for the event right down to the music.

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