Weighing In On The Value Of A Home Security System And Getting A Good Deal For Acquisition

Regardless if you go for a full-service or a DIY for home security system, the purpose is the same – to protect you, your family and your assets. The following are only some of the obvious reasons why a home security system is necessary.

Deter Crimes

Burglars are on the hunt for easier targets, which means, houses with no alarms. It makes sense as it lessens the chance or risk of being apprehended. The presence of the system itself is a deterrent, however, some burglars or intruders still attack a home with security system knowingly or unknowingly. In the case of break in, alarms going off creates panic and the typical reaction is simply to scurry away, again reducing the risk of any fatalities and theft. If the intruder really is that persistent, then the alarms will act as a warning for family members to go to a safe place to hide while authorities are dispatched. In this case, even a simple alarm system that is DIY for home security could make a big difference.

Deter Fire

In approximately every 20 seconds, an incident of residential fire is reported. 39% of which could have been easily deterred in the presence of fire and smoke alarms. In this portion, 59% have resulted in fatalities due to fire. Apparently, fire and smoke alarms can save lives. It also devastatingly damages assets and property, reducing everything you own to ashes.


The reasons are strong, but people still keep putting it off. The primary reason is the cost. Which is why DIY for home security has recently grown in popularity. Not only is it affordable, but homeowners are given ease in installation which is why it is classified as DIY. In terms of protection has its own advantages over full-service, one of which is the fact that they are standalone and run on batteries which mean burglars cannot attack the main power line to disable the security system. Going back to affordability, it fits every budget as homeowners have complete control on what devices to avail. Homeowners may also do their own remote monitoring plus it will not affect electricity bills.

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