Web Design Faults To Prevent

One thing may look good for one person while the other person may not share the same view. This is the same when it comes to web design. What one person may view as a good design, the other user may not like it as much. That is the challenge presented to web designers and developers all over the globe. Other may prefer a more modern look to the websites that they are visiting while there are a group of people that would suggest that a minimalist design will benefit the sales more. There is no wrong idea when it comes to web designing; there are just some factors to be considered in planning such as the industry and the type of business that will be represented by the website. Here are some features and web faults that should be avoided.

  • Using fonts that are too small. This is one of the most usual mistakes found in various websites. This is not surprising as web design used to have a standard font sizing that is only around 12px. Some designers would still adhere to this practice without realising that 12px is now too small especially if you want to catch the visitor’s attention. For the website body, it is recommended to use between 15 to 20 px and the headers should sport a much bigger font.
  • Fonts with low contrast are another no-no. The font color and how it contrasts with the background should be taken into consideration. This is important to make sure that everything on the website can be easily read by visitors without difficulty in comprehending due to low contrast. The color of the font should stand out when placed in a subtle background.
  • Accent colors should be utilized especially for buttons that you want users to call to action. This is to make sure that they are easily seen and will give no time for readers to search for it along the page. A longer time looking for the “buy now” button could make the visitor leave the site.

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