Vietnam And Thailand To Boost Tourism Cooperation

People’s Committee of Thue Thien Hue Province in Vietnam and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in Thailand held talks recently in efforts for both countries to increase cooperation in matters concerning tourism.

Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister of Tourism and Sports in Thailand, presided the talks which had Nguyen Van Cao, chairman of People’s Committee of Thue Thien Hue Province, in attendance. Nguyen headed the delegation to Thailand in celebration of 40 years in diplomatic relations. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) representatives were also present.

The talk and its agreements

Agreements were formulated during the talks to improve cooperation in tourism as well as to foster cultural understanding in efforts to develop the friendship between Vietnam and Thailand. There was also a motivation for enhancing tourists’ experiences in visiting these two nations through information sharing regarding visitor preferences. TAT offered help in training human resource while building connections with Thai hotels, airlines and travel agents to encourage joint efforts in promoting attractions and destinations in both countries.

Kobkarn expressed how pleased she was that Vietnamese tourism players wanted to foster collaboration with Thailand in order to boost visitor numbers and improve the tourists’ experience. She also said that the improved cooperation benefits travel, trade and investment as well as create stronger bonds for the two nations.

“Two Countries, One Destination” campaign

She further added that the talks were a venue to link Vietnam and Thailand according to the “Two Countries, One Destination” campaign started in 2015. The initiative was started to promote the cross border travel to create links between towns and cities while offering holiday packages for long term tourists who can explore multiple destinations.

Nguyen said he was aiming for cooperation with Thailand so as to link Hue with Thailand’s tourist attractions. From the talks, an example was a link between Hue and Chiang Mai. These two cities could be included in the “Two Countries, One Destination” campaign with same agreements to be started in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar in the future.

What this means for travels in Vietnam and Thailand

Travel across these two countries may become convenient due to improved sea links and roads or due to increased air travel connections. An increase in a number of tourists due to this link means more inland travels for these two countries too with examples such tourists from Thailand aboard a Hanoi to Sapa train or tourists from Vietnam going to Phuket on buses that results in greater economic income. Enhancing the cross border tourism for these two countries can benefit both Vietnam and Thailand.

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