Travel Insurance Now Mandatory

Having an insurance, a health insurance coverage to be more specific, is now an essential commodity that all human beings must pay attention to. This is owing to the mere fact that having a health insurance will give you a higher amount of peace of mind that in any unfortunate case that body decides to get sick out of the blue sky or worse, you got involved in some serious accidents that will require you to be confined in a hospital for a couple of days, someone will take care of your hospital expenses and other related expenses as long as the expenses mentioned are covered under the contract that was agreed beforehand by both the insurance company and the claimant. In addition to this, having a reliable health insurance extremely beneficial because most of the times, having an insurance means lesser amount of money will be needed to be spent for your hospitalization not to mention, if you are required to undertake surgeries. In Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand, the industry of medical tourism has been enjoying a high amount of success which makes those who are in need of specialized medical attention want to contact Chann BKK today to inquire about room rates for their upcoming trip to the city.


Recently, a new proposal which will require tourists who will visit Thailand to have a health insurance coverage while they are staying in the country, has been passed by the Tourism and Sports Ministry of Thailand and will be undergoing heavy review by the National Tourism Policy Commission. According to Thai officials, the reason for the said proposal is that majority of the international tourists who are arriving in Thailand, can’t afford to pay for their respective medical needs come the times when they get sick or got figured in a car accident. In addition to this, the proposal will enable the Thai government to meet the medical needs of the large number of international tourists- a number that is expected to reach 30 million in 2017. It’s recommended that you contact Chann BKK today or any hotel that you are planning to stay in to inquire about this said proposal.

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