Tips To Take Care Of The Electrical System of Your Two Wheelers

The electrical system of a bike is akin to our nervous system. It needs utmost care and maintenance to keep the bike functioning effectively. But it is also one of the most ignored part during bike maintenance routine.

Most of the reputed Aprilia dealers provide maintenance service to their clients. However, here are a few tips to help you to understand, how to take care of the electrical system of your Aprilia bike.

The electrical system of most of the bikes is protected from exposure to harmful elements. But it is necessary to inspect the system often, to keep your bike functioning at its maximum efficiency.

  • Do not opt for high pressure washes. If you want to get your bike washed, take it to the service centre closer to your place, who have the correct equipment to wash your bike.
  • Inspect the wiring harness of your bike periodically to check for wear and tear. Check for abrasions and cuts on the main wires. These abrasions must be properly taken care of, in order to keep the electrical system functioning properly. If you notice any abrasions and cuts on the main cables, consult your local Aprilia dealers for immediate repair.
  • Opt for replacing the wires rather than repairing them. Repairing the wires is a temporary solution. The problem may arise again after a few days. Replace the worn out cables with authentic ones from authorized Aprilia dealers, in your locality.
  • While carrying out the regular inspection of wires, pay attention to the wires located in close proximity to a heat source like motor and exhaust. These wires tend to wear out easily due to constant exposure to heat.
  • Invest in a trickle charger to charge the battery of your bike. A trickle charger helps to charge your bike slowly and also extends the life of the battery. This charger is very useful for winter days and helps to keep your bike fully charged and start immediately.
  • Get the electrical system of your bike inspected regularly by an authorized Aprilia dealers, who also have service centres. They have expert maintenance teams, who know all the nuances about bike maintenance. Proper care and timely maintenance will help you to keep your bike functioning at its optimum capacity for long period.

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