Tips To Apply For Employer Identification Number

An employer identification number or the Tax ID number is a unique nine-digit number issued by the IRS. The number enables the government to identify the business for taxation purposes. The EIN is also known as the Federal tax identification number. The process of applying for EIN is quick and can be done online.

Businesses can apply for EIN through the IRS website. The website contains detailed Michigan tax ID directions to enable the new businesses to apply for EIN easily. Applying online is the quickest and easiest way to obtain EIN. The other ways to obtain EIN are through fax, mail and telephone.

The entire process of applying for EIN online, should be completed in a single sitting. Keep all the details like the registered name of the company, the registered address of the company, the name and contact information of the responsible party, nature of business, organization structure of the business, number of employees, mailing address and contact information of the business, ready before starting the online application process. Entrepreneurs who find the process challenging can hire the services of third party consultants, who provide Michigan tax ID directions and complete the process on behalf of the clients.

Businesses can apply for EIN through phone. The applicant should call the IRS telephone number for EIN application and provide all the details asked by the IRS official. After the completion of the interview, the applicant will receive his EIN number, which should be noted down.

Applying by fax is another way for getting the EIN. Applicants should download the SS-4 form from the IRS website and complete the form, providing all the valid details. The form should be faxed to the state fax number. The applicants will receive EIN through fax in four working days.

Applicants can also mail the SS-4 form to the IRS office to get EIN number. Applying through mail is the slowest way to obtain EIN as it takes nearly four weeks to get the number.

Businesses should be careful while applying for EIN online. There are many online sites that look like the IRS site but ask the applicants for money for submitting the form. Consult professional consultants to get Michigan tax ID directions and get the EIN in a fast and safe manner.

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