The Strength Of The Tourism And Travel Industry In Thailand

Samui Holiday Villas in Thailand are famous among travelers in that these places give them a cozy and pampering place to stay while on vacation. With the tourism industry in Thailand in a bloom, holiday villas are quite in demand these days.

New record

Despite the reports of political turmoil in the country, Thailand has proven once again that it is a top tourist spot destination. In 2013, Asian tourists especially those coming from China flooded the country and the number of tourists was record breaking. Some tourists though were scared of the political unrest and demonstrations in the country which led them to cancel their trips to Thailand but still the number of tourists was way beyond expectation. Experts would have to confess that there is really no clear solution to the Thai situation of its politics. But as long as demonstrators are doing their thing peacefully and that no one is physically injured in the process of people complaining against the government, the tourism industry of Thailand will be affected only at a very minimal or negligible scale.

Online sales growth

Among highly urbanized tourists, internet transactions have increasingly become very popular since there are dozens of attractive promotions with prices lowered or discounted. This trend continues this year and is expected to maintain its popularity in the future. The most visited or browsed categories of online tourism include airlines and hotel accommodations. International online brands like the and are among the critical players in the online transactions with tourists.

ASEAN countries prioritized in ASEAN Economic Community

Through the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC, the awareness of the Thai people in considering visiting and prioritized other ASEAN countries will be increased as this will be implemented within the year. Two years ago, Thai people have shown interest in flying and visiting Myanmar although they would need a visa. The number of Thai tourists in Myanmar is increasing by the year. In addition to Myanmar, among the favorite destination country of Thai people are Singapore, Cambodia, Bali in Indonesia and Vietnam. On the other hand, Thailand continuously remains as one of the top tourist destination among the members of the ASEAN.

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