The Significance Of Learning A Foreign Language For Economic Prosperity

The European referendum is hot topic nowadays but there is something important being overlooked in the political debates. One very crucial issue is language learning that will always be present no matter the outcome of the referendum. As long as English is the common language in the European Union, there does not seem to be any necessity or desire for some quarters to learn a new language of communication.

In more than 20 countries across Europe, children are required to learn at least 2 foreign languages for at least a year. English remains to be a popular choice. In England, the same rule applies but the reality is rather woeful because the number of students who are learning foreign languages is on the decline. Based on the results of Language Trends Survey 2016, the decline continues to be unabated. Foreign language is very important for economic prosperity meaning people will have more opportunities in the European job market. Learning a foreign language will be crucial when the nation remains to be a member of the European Union but more so if it decides to stand alone.

One of the critical skills being sought for in the global job market is the ability to speak a foreign language other than the mother tongue. The job market seeks people who can speak English as well as French, Spanish or German because it allows participation in society on an international level. The benefits of learning a foreign language extend beyond career opportunities; it delivers health gains and cognitive abilities.

According to researches, being bilingual improves abilities on areas like math, reading and vocabulary. People who are multi-lingual or bi-lingual usually have better memory and recall. Learning a new language later in life protects a person from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The mere act of attempting to learn a new language slows down cognitive decline in old age.

Learning a foreign language is gaining popularity because people have realized that the skills open doors for job opportunities. If you desire to teach English as a foreign language, work for your TEFL certification to obtain a high paying job.

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