The Reason Behind Digital Nomads Flocking To Asia Making It Their Base

With the availability of many online jobs, physical location is becoming irrelevant. Alongside this rise follows the rise of digital nomads. They are the location independent workers who are free to choose where they work from.

Digital nomading is often thought as working while traveling. However, this is more about working remotely than traveling continuously according to some 500,00 people worldwide. For most people, it is a result of the many economic realities.

Many digital nomads look at a few of their favorite places so as to travel while working and living there. Others travel permanently, randomly or stopping years when they find the reason to. Digital nomadism expands to diverse kinds of people but they all need something in common: freedom and technology through the internet. They need communication or collaboration applications and cloud devices.

There are misconceptions to digital nomads like they are those sitting near beaches with laptops in their laps which is resulting to getting employers unsure of their work commitments. Phrases like “perpetual travel” or “travel while getting paid to do it” are misleading too.

For digital nomads, being in a city is a win because of its guaranteed high speed connection to the internet being able to work faster and more efficiently. Thailand is currently maintaining its top spot for cities to work remotely as it is fairly cheap, safe and with a reliable internet infrastructure. This is according to Pieter Levels from Nomad List, a site that rates cities great for digital nomads. This is based on criteria of places to work, internet connection speed in relation to racial and living tolerance. Vietnam is close by but has a poorer score in terms of internet infrastructure, safety and hospitality.

According to Nomad List, Jeju Island in South Korea, Daegu in South Korea, Bangkok in Thailand, Busan in South Korea and Tokyo in Japan are the top 5 places for digital nomads. Whether a nomad is working part time for a company based through Serviced Offices in Asoke, Bangkok or is working in a coworking space in Tokyo, digital nomading in Asia is generally cheap, modern and safe.

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