The New Trend Of Wedding After Parties

The last few years, the wedding industry has seen a rise in destination weddings that it has become too common. Now, there is a new trend in the wedding sector that is taking stage – the after party. Couples are putting in more effort in the after parties compared to their actual ceremony or their honeymoon. This is an observation from the staffs of the wedding hotel in Rayong and is slowly getting popular one couple at a time.

For instance, Indian weddings are considered to be colourful, full of drama and music and laced with tradition all throughout. This is a stressful event for many as they are aiming to get everything perfect from the decors to the food and entertainment.

There is no denying that the Indian wedding industry is one of the highest with an estimated worth of 12 billion pounds. It also comes at a high price because aside from the financial aspect, the stress can be too much for the couple and the families involved. This is when a new trend started. Couples are now organizing simple wedding ceremonies in their hometown but the after parties are spent in another country with all the people they love. This is what they refer to as the destination after parties.

According to Reshme Saigal Weddings’ founder, Reshme Saigal, destination weddings are now too common. She said that Indian couples now prefer to invest more in their after parties by inviting only the closest people to get away with them instead of investing a lot in the actual ceremony.

Wedding planners admitted that the newest trend in the wedding industry is the destination after parties. The most common places newlyweds go to are Europe, Maldives, Bali, Mauritius and several places in Thailand such as Rayong, Bangkok and Hua Hin. There are also those that chose their after parties to be closer to home by travelling to Kumarakom, Goa, Mammallapuram and Rajasthan.

The trend started four years ago and wedding hotel in Rayong are now more likely to handle newlyweds and their guests rather than hosting an actual wedding. Times are changing and wedding is not an exception.

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