The Impact Of New Technology And Social Media In Weddings

Wedding favor boxes come in different colors and shapes. Depending on your wedding theme, you can ask the manufacturer to customize the products for you. They will be more than willing to satisfy your desires.
Today, weddings have different twists. Giveaways come in different packaging and the location is absolutely mesmerizing for most weddings. Indeed, every couple wants that their wedding day be the perfect day for them. With the help of wedding planners, coordinators, caterers and other personnel, a wedding ceremony can become lavishly successful. Even social media can help spread the good word of how successful the event has been.

Impact of social media on weddings

• The purists and the social media butterflies. Social media has created two camps in every wedding: those that embrace the sophisticated technology and those who absolutely abhor it. One bride commented that the last thing she wanted to see is people who are tweeting and texting while she and her husband are exchanging their vows. The couple asked their guests to refrain from using their mobile phones in the entire wedding ceremony and the guests gave in to the request. On the other hand, there are also couples who want to share on social media everything that has transpired in their wedding. They even give out hashtag instructions to their guests. If you are an events coordinator, you need to ask the couple on how they plan in handling social media technology. Also, discuss with them other possible alternatives.

• Wedding hashtags. Certain couples who upload photos online ask their guests to use the same hashtag for photos taken during their wedding. This will allow them to search for the photos easily in Google.

• Skype ceremonies and live streaming. Guests who are not able to physically be present during the ceremony can now enjoy full access to the live ceremony thru live streaming videos. There are couples who want that their wedding ceremony be broadcasted for the benefit of loved ones who are in the other side of the world or for those who could not come because of some unprecedented mishap.

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