The History And Development Of Florida Tourism – What Was Once Only For The Rich

In a not so distant past, only the rich and famous personalities can afford to take a travel break to Florida. For those blessed enough to vacation in Florida even go as far as staying and settling down in the Sunshine State. Henry S. Flagler, an investor, visited and fell in love with Florida that he decided to stay and poured his investment in the land of endless summers. Flagler started by building railroads and constructing hotels. Thanks to the railroads whose construction was led by Flagler, other people found convenience in traveling to Florida. In 1890, the diversifying of railroads was completed and more and more people are able to see the splendor in Florida, including New Yorkers. Towards the 1900s, tourists visiting Florida have been counted to thousands. Being dubbed as the sunshine state and the land of endless summers, people do not only come here to vacation but the happiness and positive energy the place exudes also attracted people who want to recover from illnesses as well as retirees. Because of the surge of tourists, more and more hotels and restaurants have flourished. Wealthy icons such as Henry Ford and Thomas Edison have also fell in love with Florida that during winter months in their homes, they come to Florida in their own properties and rest houses.

Come the invention of the cars and automobiles, to take a travel break to Florida have become easier for people. And as transportation became affordable, more people were granted the opportunity to have a Floridian leisure time, more tourists flocked and brought progress to the state’s economy. Albeit still exorbitant, this did not hinder the tourists and most have not minded spending on expensive hotels and restaurants. Some travelers though brought their own food and tents just to experience adventure in Florida. Others even sleep in their cars. These travelers are known way back as the “tin-can tourists” since their food are usually the canned kind.

Around the 1930s, airlines opened flights to Florida. Apparently, this paved way for more people to come to Florida. Travel into and around the sunshine state have become more convenient as airports were situated in more cities in the state for greater accessibility. It is in this same period that architects and engineers build the Art Deco in Miami Beach. The Art Deco District was very popular than during the depression era, but still, amazes the first time and repeat vacationers up to this day.

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