The Growing Demand For Commercial Self-Storage Facilities

Demand for business storage in Leeds is growing because small businesses and online retailers realize that it is more cost effective and efficient to store stock in self-storage facilities. Even small businesses in Yorkshire are seeking storage space for commercial use. There have been strong expressions of interest on the few remaining Green Door units at Featherstone.

Green Door units are highly in demand because they are located in one of the most sought after northern distributions in the United Kingdom with easy access to transport network and just minutes from M62. Green Door units come in various sizes ranging from 15 square feet to 160 square feet with round the clock access. The units can be used as mini warehouses or depots. Units can be used by small businesses and e-commerce retail stores for the distribution of goods and materials.

Access to a Green Door unit is 24/7 but customers are given their own key fobs so that they can come any time they want to even when the office is closed at 5:30 PM. Green Door units are appealing to businesses that experience seasonal peaks and troughs and for those who are unsure on how long they need storage space. Lease options indicate a lease can be ended on short notice to avoid being tied to monthly payments.

In the United States, self-storage facilities are also popular for businesses. Development of self-storage facilities in Milwaukee is surging in the last year and a half with a large number of projects involving the conversion of industrial buildings. These industrial conversions include former beer distributorship Brown Deer and Harley Davidson plant in Wisconsin.

Industrial conversions to self-storage facilities have become the trend over the last few years with a prediction of 4,878 new units to hit Southeast Wisconsin market by the end of 2015 or early 2016. Average development will be adding 300 to 600 units.

Banks have also spurred the development of self-storage facilities because of their willingness to provide financing. An improved economy and an undersupplied market are the factors that affect the high demand for self-storage units. The conversions are being done quickly but they have not yet outpaced the demand.

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