The Flooding In Somerset Upsets Residents

The resident of Somerset has been angrily rebuking the Environmental Secretary and accused him of running a third world country as there are still parts of their county that remains to be under water after a month of experiencing floods. Officials in Somerset took their anger out at the environmental agency and lambasted its leader over their failure to successfully dredge the rivers in their place.

But then matters took another turn for the worse when a hastily convened appearance of the secretary for the environment who was planning to soothe and heed the concerns of the local residents angered the latter only even more. Members of the Flooding on the Somerset Levels Action Group deemed the visit as just a publicity stunt of the secretary. One member said that it was only a waste of the taxpayer’s money. The secretary has not really revealed to the community what is going on. The member said that it would be reassuring if the secretary had at least explained to them the problem and give them a glimmer of hope but the secretary instead just took off and left the community hanging searching for answers. For three weeks, the residents of Somerset said that they have been living in flooded areas and that they were like living in third world countries.

Another resident of the nearby Fordfate drew a comparison with countries in the developing world. The term third world country really comes into mind. Every household has at least one portable toilet but have no septic tanks or overflowing ones. The sewages are also running around the roads. It’s a torture to the residents. Homes are flooded and the residents are very much frustrated and they feel abandoned by the government.

The secretary for environment visited the Northmoor Pumping station where he had a press conference but he was reluctant to talk to the residents and local media about the problem of the community. During the press conference though, the secretary for the environment made a promise that his team will draw up a plan within one month and two weeks to deal with the flood stricken county. M & S Plumbing company can definitely also help solve this plumbing problem.

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