The Best 5 Star Beach Resorts In Thailand

A vacation at the beach makes the experience lovelier and more memorable than staying at some fancy hotel in the urban area. Imagine yourself enjoying a freshly made juice drink while enjoying the fresh breeze that is coming from the deep blue sea at the comport of your room which is located at seaside. That’s a scene that you can probably see in beaches in Hawaii or in the island of Boracay which is located in the archipelago of the Philippines. Now, if you happen to be living or working in the Kingdom of Thailand and you are suddenly getting the call of the beach, worry no more because believe it or not, there are many 5 star beach resorts in Bangkok which can cater to your needs as vacationists. Thailand is not only a country of hotels but also a country filled with some of the best shorelines you can find in the world.

Now, if you are in need of a beach resort to stay in for you to enjoy the beach life in Thailand, there are beach resorts in the shoreline areas of the kingdom where vacationists can take a dip in the sea or walk in the sand hand-in-hand with your special someone. And if you are feeling rich or as rich as Tony Stark, you can choose to stay at one of the 5 star beach resorts in Thailand. Below are some so you could have some ideas as to which beach resort is the best for your money:

  • Rayavadee Resort- if you are a certified nature lover, this is the beach resort for you. Unlike other 5 star beach resorts in Thailand, the natural resources surrounding Rayavadee Resort is preserved to the smallest particle meaning you cause no environmental damage when you stay here. The staff is well trained and the view is one to fall in love with.
  • Pimalai Resort and Spa- This is considered as a luxury resort. One perk you get to enjoy is you can have a room facing the beach. There’s an in-house restaurant which serves different cuisines every day. Basically, it has everything a luxury resort should have.
  • Trisara Phuket- This is considered as one of the best luxury resorts in Phuket. Aside from being a beachfront resort, the entire resort itself has a total of 39 pool villas. It also has its own garden where herbs are grown for the use of the resort’s restaurant.


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