Thailand Will Not Be Experiencing Haze This Year According To Indonesia

Last week, Indonesia made a promise to Thailand as well as other neighbouring countries that they will not be experiencing haze this year. Tourists will now be able to enjoy their high rise hotel in Bangkok without worrying about air pollution. The country officials announced that they have already taken measures into making sure that forest fires do not happen. These new measures will guarantee that the smoke pollution that many countries in Southeast Asia have experience before will not happen again.

It is common between the months of June and October to see the entire country of Indonesia covered with haze because of the forest fires. Majority of these forest fires are done in order to clear lands, which will be used as a plantation for palm oil, pulp and paper production. These fires are happening on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

The fires that are started are mostly done in peatland that are highly flammable;thus, it is unavoidable for the fire to spread in areas that are not included in the plan. When this happens, smoke fire travels to neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Last year, the government created an agency called the Peatland Restoration Agency, headed by NazirFoead, in an attempt to fight the fires from happening. The head of the agency is positive that what happened in 2015, the worst haze condition that originated in the country, will not be happening again.

Foead said that the government is preparing as much as they can and conducting rewetting activities. This is to ensure that the haze will not affect neighbouring countries.

During a conference that was held in Jakarta, Foead clarified that there will still be fire and smoke will be emitted but it can be easily stopped thus haze will not be travelling out of the boundaries of the nation. Locals and tourist in countries all over Southeast Asia will no longer have to worry about the haze and would be more confident in booking highrise hotel in Bangkok and other Asian cities. Foead added that they have been working in cooperation with farmersto make sure that they do not use the same technique in clearing land.

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