Testing Being Performed On Hybrid Heating Systems

If you are a resident of Bournemouth, you do not have to worry about boiler installation and repairs because there are Gas Safe certified boiler engineers who will take care of the task. When there are signs of a faulty boiler, your best option is to call for boiler repairs immediately and not wait for the problem to worsen.

According to interim results that were published in April from Freedom Project in the United Kingdom, a £5.2 million ($7.3 million) innovation project was designed to test hybrid heating systems. The results suggest that an automated switch between gas and electricity may deliver a more flexible demand side response (DSR) in the residential setting.

Today, DSR is largely limited to large consumers of electricity that include industrial users that have uninterruptible contract. If DSR is extended to residential consumers, it could extend the DSR resource to reduce the needs for investment in additional generational capacities and grid reinforcements.

In the United Kingdom, the residential sector accounts for one third of the total or 100 terrawatt hours a year. According to statistics from the government, 42.4% of electricity is generated from gas. The hybrid heating system combines the efficiency of gas boilers with external air source heat pumps in order to allow automated switching between gas and electric power when the consumer requires heat for the home.

The air source heat pumps that introduced electrified heating in homes are only used by consumers when the cost of electricity is rather low which only happens when there is a wind or solar source of power generation in the system. During peak demand for electricity, the residential consumer can switch to gas so that they can participate in DSR with UK TSO National Grid that pays aggregators to reduce demand for power. This will enable grid balancing without the need to generate additional power during peak periods.

Meanwhile, if you are still using traditional gas boilers to heat the home in Bournemouth, make sure that it is inspected annually for gas safety or according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular inspection will make sure that the boiler does not emit hazardous carbon monoxide that can put your life in danger.

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