Shift Customer Service To Online

Getting the proper customer service done online is critical. Online markets are increasing exponentially. There are numerous businesses done online anywhere from Clothing, Technology, Entertainment, TV Store Online and much more. This is becoming a trend to market online for retailers or stores to gain profit and revenue. A 57 percent of online growth is expected in the next years two years. There is a possible 414 billion dollar growth in 2018 from its actual figure of $294 billion in 2014. This means a sales shift from physical stores to online or e-retail stores.

The shift is due to convenience. Most people rather choose to go online than physically driving to go to a store which offers the same products and services. Online transactions are faster too. These are done anywhere and any time. Whether at home or on the go, online purchasing changes how shopping is done. All the hassle is avoided in doing things online.

Although physical stores are still existing, it is expected to have fewer stores in the long run as online sales get continually increasing taking a huge percent of the overall stores’ sales. According to Forrester Research, 60 percent of all retail sales in the US will one way or another include the internet in 2017. It is either through transactions done in desktop computers or laptops or from mobile or smartphone devices. The research also indicates that 10 percent of these sales will be online purchases in the next 5 years.

It is smart to shift to online and mobile sales, and to focus on these methods. This is by doing excellent customer service. Customer service solutions like the use of co-browsing or screen sharing. These offer an engaging manner for doing businesses online. As an example, customer service agents are able to share their screens to highlight information. They are able to do walkthroughs for difficult processes. They are able to assist with online orders and purchases.

The online retail experience becomes more personal, hassle free and fast. This is a different kind of experience and one that results to loyal and repeat customers.

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