Russian Consulate Planned: More Meeting Rooms In Phuket To Be Filled

When you are a part of a corporation regardless if you’re an employee or an employee like the manager or a department head, you should be used to attending all of those meetings that are being held at your workplace. You see, meetings are important because it’s where important matters surrounding the operations and other matters that concern the corporation and its well-being are being discussed. In addition to this, such meetings, whether the one being held in your office or overseas like in Phuket where there is a great number of meeting rooms in Phuket that can be rented by corporations for formal events, will enable both employers and their hard working employees to talk things down especially if there are misunderstandings or quarrels among both sides. Along the way, meetings will also allow both sides, especially the high-ranking officials of the corporation to decide on which action the corporation will take to ensure the continuous success of the corporation in terms of corporate income plus more exposure to the public. In addition to this, it will also benefit the employees themselves if they are regularly present at such meetings because they allowed themselves to be heard.

To boost the number of Russians who are coming to Phuket for both tourist and corporate purposes which involve the use of meeting rooms in Phuket, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has announced earlier this month that the Russian is planning to open a Russian consulate office in the island of Phuket in the Kingdom of Thailand. The announcement was made a day before Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov’s scheduled working visit to the kingdom which included updating the bilateral relationship of the two countries which has been able to generate 489,000 Russians who arrived in Thailand during the first quarter of 2017 which is a 44% increase to the number recorded during the same period back in 2016. In connection to this, 2016 data has shown that there were a total of half a million Russian tourists who arrived in Phuket alone. This number is more than half of the Russians who arrived in the whole of Thailand for 2016 and has outmatched all other major tourist spots in the kingdom, combined.

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