Recommended Drinks In Losing Weight By Dietitians From Atlanta

People who are in the process of losing weight takes too much care in what they eat but they rarely pay attention to what they are drinking. If you are fond of drinking special frothy coffee or likes to have a drink or two after work, you might not notice how fast the calories are adding up.

Paying attention to what you are drinking can help you attain your dream weight and avoid wrecking your diet in the process. There are beverages that will help you feel full and make the hunger go away while there are those that will make you take enough calories and still require you to eat a full meal because of feeling hungry.

According to a bariatric surgery dietitian, Kristen Smith who is employed by the WellStar Atlanta Medical Center, beverages that contains sugar sweetener including sodas and juices will offer you empty calories. They contain calories but you will still feel hungry faster even after having consumed it.

Based on the recommendations of dietitians from Atlanta, here are some of the best drinks in order to help you lose some weight:

  • Calorie-free beverages. The first thing you have to keep in mind when losing weight is that any beverages that you usually take that contain sugar should be replaced with calorie free alternatives. This is according to Rachel Brandies who is a registered dietitian. Smith also said that you should pick beverages that have 10 calories for every serving or less if available. Brandeis said that if you are craving for something with a little sweet on the side then choose those beverages that contain low-calorie sweetener such as Truvia and Splenda.
  • It is the best drink for people who are aiming to lose weight according to Rahaf Al Bochi who is the owner of Olive Tree Nutrition LLC and also a registered dietitian. Water contains no sugar, it is free of calories and it helps keep the body from being dehydrated.
  • Black coffee. If you drink a cup of plain black coffee, your body will only get two calories by doing so. If you want to add something, choose a sweetener that is low-calorie or dairy milk for added protein.

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