Pros And Cons Of Brown Leather Watch Strap

There are different types of watch straps. There are those that are made of rubber, stainless steel, plastic, sterling silver, nato or textile and many more. Of course, there is also the brown leather watch strap for you to consider. Despite modern designs for straps, leather watch bands remain in demand because of its durability and outstanding features that may not be found in other strap materials. However, just like any other watch straps, leather bands has its share of pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the material:


  • Timeless and elegant. Leather products have been around since time immemorial. In fact, animal skin from which leather is obtained has been used since the dawn of time. Perhaps it’s the age associated with it that makes leather a classy and timeless. Whatever the reason maybe, wearing leather products gives out that luxurious appeal to the wearer.
  • Leather materials especially the brown leather watch strap, due to its luxurious property makes anyone who wears it look formal and more respectable. Leather materials such as shoes, boots, watches, bags, belts and other accessories are typically more expensive than average materials. Thus, the material is associated with price which is why accessories and items made of leather are usually worn during formal gatherings and corporate meetings where one wants to be taken seriously.
  • Leather is made of natural materials making it safe to wear as it doesn’t have chemicals and toxic materials unlike rubber and plastic.
  • Leather can last a lifetime and instead of deteriorating, it only gets classy and better looking overtime.


  • Can be smelly. One of the downsides of brown leather watch strap is it can smell especially if the wearer is prone to perspiration. When one perspires and is currently wearing a leather strap, the sweat can be trapped within the leather and can produce foul smell when it dries up. When you will engage in physical activity or will perspire, make it a point to remove your leather watch in order to avoid having it smelly.

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