Professional Domestic Staff – Life Behind The Scenes

Affluent families usually go to Professional Domestic Solutions Agency to hire domestic professionals with the right skills and experience. According to a recent video from Financial Times, highly skilled nannies, chefs and tutors command big salaries. A demanding private client can find a chef who can prepare foie gras and organic carrots and put his culinary skills to good use.

Economists and experts foresee a future where automation and robotics will replace the professional jobs in the fields of banking and law; however, professional domestics will likely remain resilient because for most families, they cannot imagine themselves being served by robots.

The Financial Times video went behind-the-scenes to discover how private chefs, full-time tutors, house managers and nannies spend their working life inside private homes. What FT found out is a different scenario from the traditional domestic work. According to Jacqueline Townsend, senior consultant of Exclusive Household Staff, the public will be surprised at the number of London households that have domestic staff.

Contrary to popular perception, domestic service is not obsolete. According to 2016 figures from UK Office of National Statistics, private domestic service was 97,000 and includes staffs that live out. The latest incarnation of domestic staff agencies is private household staff apps that can be accessed to buy cleaning services for a specific period by swiping on the screen of the mobile phone.

Outside private household staff has become the niche for highly skilled and experienced mobile professionals that are worth the big salaries they require. A much sought out chef can earn up to £70,000 annually dues to his culinary skills while a house manager can bring home £120,000 a year for a  combination of roles.

Some wealthy clients expect their house managers to play the role of personal assistant and perform other tasks like organizing the wardrobe. One evening, the household manager will be dining with the family and the next day she could be sitting with young children.

It is daunting task to search for professional domestic staff that will make sure that things get done properly and quickly. A good option is Professional Domestic Solutions Agency that can provide quick and reliable domestic staffing services.

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