Port Douglas Tourism – How To Get To Port Douglas From Cairns Airport

Ranking number 3 in Best Towns in Australia, Port Douglas is a premier destination for tourists and locals alike. The town only has over three thousand people in the population, but it is often doubled by the number of tourists who flock the area especially in peak seasons, which happens around May all the way through September. Most people fly in from Cairns to get to Port Douglas. There are several modes of transportation, but the best and cheapest way is with Cairns airport shuttle bus to Port Douglas.

Port Douglas is an important point to access the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier reef, both are World Heritage areas. The Great Barrier Reef is considered as the world’s largest coral reef system, comprising of almost three thousand individual reefs. Nine hundred beautiful islands also nestled the area which is located in the Coral Sea, Queensland. The Daintree Rainforest is also a beauty, being the largest continuous rainforest in the Australian continent.

Port Douglas is only roughly an hour drive from Cairns. If accommodation is already booked prior to arrival, one may ask if hotel transfers are available for free or for a fee. If not, or if the charge is exorbitant, there are several alternatives to get to Port Douglas from Cairns. Once again, the best way is to take advantage of Cairns airport shuttle bus to Port Douglas, but we will discuss other options first. Taxi cabs from Port Douglas are available but the charge ranges from $200 – $250. But cabs are a bit scarce around this area. You have to get in the queue for a cab and the lines can be stressfully long. To avoid this, one may opt to book in advance for private cars or limousines. A sedan that seats three is around $200. A stretch limousine that seats 6 is only around $350. All private car rentals come with a driver that will be waiting at the area for baggage collection.

For airport shuttle buses, one may opt to book in advance, or just approach various welcome desks situated in the airport’s arrival area. From Cairns, the airport shuttle bus fare to Port Douglas is only $40 per person. Money wise, this is easily the best option with almost no difference in the level of convenience the other alternatives has to offer.

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