People Evading Taxes Will Be Tracked Down By CRA

The Canadian Revenue Agency is going a step further in their aim to crack down people who are found to be tax evading.

The effort will start on April 1 and the Canadian Revenue Agency decided that they will be keeping count of the number of known tax evaders through gathering their fingerprints.

According to an email sent by Patrick Samson, spokesman for CRA, the agency is expecting the number of gathered fingerprint will match the number of people that have been charged with tax evasion.

A statement from Christine Duhaime, a finance lawyer, said that she is not the least bit surprised with the step the Canadian Revenue Agency is making because tax fraud is classified as an indictable case. This means that there are repercussions to those who commit such offence and one of these is the possibility of being restricted from future traveling.

Once the person has been indicted with criminal offence and charged accordingly, they will be included in the database. The same information found in the database is shared to the United States as well as various countries. United States is one of the many countries that have the right to turn away Canadian travelers because it is their country and it is up to them if they want someone who has been charged with tax evasion to come into their country.

The fingerprints that will be gathered by the Canadian Revenue Agency will also be recorded by the database of the Canadian Police Information Center.

Duhaime said that not all, but majority, of those charged with tax evasions are rich people or those that are spending money that they have deposited in an offshore bank account. There are also cases of tax evasions from regular working Canadians, self-employed and those that don’t do their obligation by paying taxes and none are reporting.

The CRA guaranteed that once a person has been acquitted of the charges, the fingerprints will also be taken out from the database. This is why it is recommended to hire accountant with CRA audit protection every tax season to avoid any misunderstandings and error.

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