Paw Patrol Party Mascot Stolen

At the beginning of the month of February, there was a case of a missing mascot from Brisbane. The mascot is the character Marshall who is a fire dog which ironically needs a rescue.

It was Jacqueline Poumale who bought the costume of the Dalmatian dog who plays the role of a fire marshal and one of the popular characters in a TV program for kids called Paw Patrol. She bought the costume for the third birthday party of her daughter Aliza Manuel in May of last year.

The costume was not available in any stores, local or online, in Australia so Ms Poumale decided to buy it from an overseas supplier. The international order cost here $290 and the shipping fee.

She said that the character was really loved by her daughter and they had so much with it during the party so she decided to make it available for rent for other parents. One will only have to pay $60 in order to rent the Marshall costume.

The problem is that Marshall is currently missing and they fear that it might have been stolen because it was previously hired but the renter never returned the costume after that.

Ms. Poumale added that this incident is one of those weird things you hear about. She decided not to ask for additional information when people rent because it will be used for a children’s party and she have no inkling that someone would take something as simple as a costume.

She revealed that she gave special instructions to the women who rented and that the costume needs to be back by February 3 on 3 PM because there will be a boy who will be celebrating his seventh birthday party the next day.

Ms Poumale does not think the person who rented was suspicious. At 5 PM of February 3, she contacted the woman because the costume is not yet returned but the woman reasoned out that her car broke down and when she tried to call, she found out that her number was already blocked.

Investigations are now ongoing after she has filed a complaint to the police. This is a reminder to people that you should only hire reliable party hire in Sydney and wherever you might be.

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