Pakistan Embracing Marketing Through Social Media

With the rate of how technology is advancing, a lot of things in the home, the work space, and in industries have transformed to match up. Marketing and advertising, in particular, has moved forward. Within a few years, marketing has moved from the old-fashioned push strategies, to strategies that attract customers.

As a result, marketers across the globe have worked with multi-channel advertising approaches, in order to bring in customers. A key part of this multi-channel approach is social media marketing, which has shaken up the marketing industry.

As the name implies, social media marketing is the term used for any form of online marketing that utilizes social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and companies have been adopting this in order to reach more customers, as well as improve customer engagement.

Traditional marketing is still there, but it’s getting pushed aside, with revenue from digital advertising rapidly overtaking TV ad revenues. This isn’t always the case, however, as some countries, like Pakistan, still have traditional marketing as the primary means of advertising. A lot of companies in Pakistan still don’t have the nuances of digital marketing, and, it is difficult to get a bead on how much revenue the country is generating thanks to social media marketing, though, with how social media and the internet is growing there, it’s a field ripe with opportunity. ExD Pvt. Limited CEO Sajjad Mustafa Syed says that a lot of corporations in Pakistan are adapting social media for their marketing campaigns, and that those that have not yet done so would have to follow suit quickly or be left behind.

The marketing world has been taking advantage of digital marketing to increase engagement, customer communication, access to feedback and develop corporate social responsibility. Video and animation, in particular have a lot of potential.

Chat rooms and chatbots have made corporate communication with customers faster and easier than ever, and marketing is moving towards less traditional channels. One such example is in influencer marketing, which is gaining ground across the world, wherein marketing campaigns are aimed at influential people, not target markets, who then go on to influence the target audience. With social media adopting new trends on an ever changing basis, companies across the world are being forced to adapt in order to keep up with the dynamic sector.

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