Freedom Of Expression Exhibited Through Art

There are many ways by which one person can express his or her freedom as an individual. There are those that create word art, paint on canvas, write a song or dance their heart out. Being able to express one’s feeling through an activity which they love is as liberating as speaking up. This is what happened during one afternoon at the Company’s Garden. They have set up a large canvas with nothing on it yet. Passersby have seen the staffs erect the canvas and are very much curious as to what it could be for.

Later on that same day, they are able to fully grasp what the purpose of the blank canvas is.

As soon as the paint jars have arrived, Albert Fritz who is the MEC of social development was the first person to create a stroke on the canvas. He wrote a simple phrase that embodies the youth of today’s generation. After contributing to the canvas, he invited other guests who are present to follow suit.

A few minutes after, one will be able to witness how the plain canvas started to transform as it is filled with colors.

After he has written his part on the canvas, Fritz shared that the idea was conceptualized by young people and they are specifically targeting young people as well.

Fritz said that he wrote the phrase because he is confident that the youth of this generation is able to accomplish whatever they set their hearts to and many of them are great individuals.

According to 23 years old Laurnelle Dolan who is a member of Africa Unite, the activity gave them a voice. The project was created in the hope that young people will have an outlet wherein they can share whatever their concerns are regarding the current government as well as help solve the problem of social ills that is currently blanketing South Africa.

As the day comes to an end, the blank canvas is no more as there are colorful marks left, word art created to show off their favorite inspirational quote and some decided to leave their handprints.

Innovation In Healthcare Industry Can Be Attributed To Data

One of the hottest issues in the United States as well as other countries abroad is healthcare, research in pharmaceutical industries and life sciences. As of the moment, the debate continues in Washington D.C. as to the state of the federal health care plans. A silent movement called medical IT solutions is being started at the same time that is aiming to change the status of the healthcare industry in the country and it will not be affected by political opinions and other influences.

The shift is spearheaded by an increasing number of companies that deal with life sciences and they are trying to change the depressing status quo and take matter into their own hands by taking actions that will be beneficial to all the sector of the healthcare industry.

According to an estimate, more than 80 per cent of the data found in healthcare does not have a structure. If the data does not have a structure, it only means that any information does not follow a certain model and it is not compiled in a certain manner. This is the reason why there is quite a high demand for software and tools that will be able to manage the unstructured data. When this happens, the healthcare industry will be able to benefit from these data.

The majority of the current information being utilized is coming from these unstructured data but the fact is that data insights being used by the healthcare industry is only about 23 per cent. This goes to the show that the data only needs to be organized in order for them to be categorized accordingly.

With the help of medical IT solutions, there is now intelligent searches that can be conducted with the help of a concept based tool. The industry will be able to use all of the available data as long as they have been compiled in a single system and search queries can be greatly improved.

Cloud computing is the reason why the process of drug approval have been greatly improved and as of now, drug production has been made faster because of the use of medical IT solutions that have proven to reduce cost because of its efficiency.

Mortlake Apartment Doubled In Price In Less Than 9 Years

The apartment has 82 square meters of internal space with a 58 square meter garage that has an internal access. It has a terrace that measures 35 square meters and a kitchen with glass splashback. The vendors of the apartment Jamie and Annette Fitzgerald spent 2 years to personally renovate the home.

Jamie Fitzgerald is the owner Garage Blitz, a local provider of flooring solutions. He took it upon himself to be responsible for the renovation project. He put in new timber floors, built a new bathroom, a kitchen, an internal staircase and fixed the garage floors.

The Fitzgerald’s are selling the apartment because they will be upsizing 10 minutes down the road to the neighbouring Concord, a small town in a big city. They wanted a bigger space and a yard for their 3-year old child. Jamie Fitzgerald felt sad to leave the apartment but the Concord-Mortlake area was a growing suburb. The area is not as busy as Sydney; however, it is only 10 kilometresaway from the centre of Sydney.

When the apartment was auctioned off, a first-home buyer from Strathfield immediately made an offer for the 2-bedroom apartment with an initial budget of in the “high $800,000’s” because she wanted to rent it out before she eventually moves in. Selling agent Dib Chidiac was excited about the offer but there was a bit of competition.

Mr. Chidiac initially quoted $800,000 to $880,000 for the unit but the reserve of $900.000 was immediately reached in less than two minutes. The Fitzgerald’s said that the results were beyond their expectations. With auctioneer Alex Pattaro presiding, the bidding opened at $800,000. A downsizing group and the final buyer exchanged 39 heated bids of $25,000, $10,000, $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000. There was an influx of first-home buyers but since stock is low, prices are quite high.

No one can tell if the buyers were attracted by the glass splashback colours in the kitchen or the beauty of new bathroom but many newbie buyers definitely prefer something small to suit their budget. On the other hand, using a glass splashback is a good trick to create the illusion of a bigger space in a tiny kitchen. Why Subordinates Suffer From A Power-Hungry Boss

It’s kind of frightening to see leaders abusing their power in the office. It does not only trigger pain among his subordinates; but they can suffer a lot, according to

A study has been recently revealed that powerful people who are rude to their colleagues can likely feel incompetent, disrespected and less independent in a workplace. Furthermore, they can hardly relax whenever they go home at night.

According to the research, power cannot be generally good or bad. It reverses the impression of an abusive leader. Many subordinates assume that these types of people go around and abuse, and make them feel great with it; however, the attitude can possibly become more complicated. includes over a 100+ leaders in the fields of banking, education, engineering, and medicine in a span of three weeks. It surveyed how theseleaders feel deep down inside, and how they can be changed at the end of the day.

The study reveals that powerful leaders are more likely to act abusive, and can expect incivility from their colleagues and subordinates. This in turn can negatively impact their own benefits.

A subordinate may sense sympathy whenever his boss starts to yell and belittle him at work, but they too may be suffering deep down inside.

The boss may seem stupid when he starts yelling, but it’s a natural reaction when any of us stay in higher positions. It may not make sense though that they can turn as monsters.

To prevent the boss from expressing all his powers, he may want to consider choosing the best employee that can work for him well. The boss can agree to value his closeness with his employees; hence, he can see positive reactions in the workplace. There is also harmony within the office and thus will refrain him from yelling at his people. can help you plan whether the negative impact of psychological power is corrective. The study can also show how a boss can create an abusive act against his workers, and how he may feel when he gets home from work. The site wants to know if they are less powerful at home and can behave at its best.

Real Estate Shows Off Canvas Featuring Activism

Art is a form of expression in so many ways such as a personalised word art. There is a unique new art project by the public located in the chaotic capital city of California. The project is found outside an abandoned bank property.

The project is a video projection that was installed outside of the building. It is referred to as “beacon” and it confronts different issues in the society including the struggle of being black while living in America. This is a hot issue after Philando Castile and the senseless shooting that happened to him which was caused by a police officer. Other issues are also tackled such as consent and migration. The project began showing on May 22 and will be up and running until July 22. In total, it will feature about 50 artists – both local and international.

According to the owner of the company that installed the project, Tre Borden, the main goal of the project is to show a context that will stir the people’s empathy. It is also a medium for people and organizations to show what they want since there are no other effective method.

The featured artist for the previous week was Marcellus Armstrong. He introduced the artwork called “Break’ing”. It emphasizes on survival and resilience of a black individual when subjected to a violent situation.

He said that he was broken upon hearing the news of the verdict imposed on Philando Castile. He admitted that he felt broken not just every week but it has been happening almost every day. By being broken often, how does one survive through it? The work Break’ing shows how there is strength as one is being broken and this moments are recorded through the project.

Aside from recorded moments, there are also images coming from black beauty magazine, poetry of the spoken word and a photo essay. For a person who is influenced by art, it is best to channel emotions through these pieces. There are many forms of art in which one can pull strength from such as a personalised word art that contains a favorite quote.

Home Burglars’ Target Spots In Perth Homes

RAC, an insurance company in Perth, recently released the worst suburb in the area in terms of home burglaries. The ignominious award was given to the suburb of Gosnells which is located in the southern eastern part of Perth. It ranked as the number one in the latest list compiled by the RAC according to the number of burglary incidents that occurred in 2016. This is one of the many reasons why insurance companies are pushing homeowners to install home alarm systems in Perth.

The second place was given to the suburb of Morley while the Thornlie bags the third spot followed by Balga. The fifth spot holds two suburbs in Perth, Baldivis and Dianella.

In the previous list released in 2015, the suburb of Gosnells only coveted the fourth spot but it has now risen to the top as the number one.

According to Glen Walker, the home claims manager of RAC, they are used to seeing the same suburbs that are ranking on top of the claims data they have created. The most consistent to be on top are Thornlie, Gosnells and Morley. These suburbs are found to have the highest number of burglary claims as noted by RAC.

For three consecutive years, Morley remains to be on the second spot of the list. Thornlie, on the other hand, is doing better since it is down to the third spot where previously it was ranked as the first for both years 2014 and 2015. For the regional suburb category, the worst in performance was revealed to be Northam.

The most common items that were stolen during burglaries are jewellery along with bikes, according to Mr. Walker. Starting in 2014, they have noticed that the number of bikes stolen have increased by 70 per cent.

He added that most of the burglaries happened because thieves saw an opportunity. They can quickly go inside a property if the side bedroom is open or the front door is not locked. They can grab anything they can get their hands on and steal something given 30 seconds only. Portable items are the target including car keys.

They have advised homeowners to avail of home alarm systems in Perth and to always make sure their doors and windows are locked.

Travel Insurance Now Mandatory

Having an insurance, a health insurance coverage to be more specific, is now an essential commodity that all human beings must pay attention to. This is owing to the mere fact that having a health insurance will give you a higher amount of peace of mind that in any unfortunate case that body decides to get sick out of the blue sky or worse, you got involved in some serious accidents that will require you to be confined in a hospital for a couple of days, someone will take care of your hospital expenses and other related expenses as long as the expenses mentioned are covered under the contract that was agreed beforehand by both the insurance company and the claimant. In addition to this, having a reliable health insurance extremely beneficial because most of the times, having an insurance means lesser amount of money will be needed to be spent for your hospitalization not to mention, if you are required to undertake surgeries. In Bangkok in the Kingdom of Thailand, the industry of medical tourism has been enjoying a high amount of success which makes those who are in need of specialized medical attention want to contact Chann BKK today to inquire about room rates for their upcoming trip to the city.


Recently, a new proposal which will require tourists who will visit Thailand to have a health insurance coverage while they are staying in the country, has been passed by the Tourism and Sports Ministry of Thailand and will be undergoing heavy review by the National Tourism Policy Commission. According to Thai officials, the reason for the said proposal is that majority of the international tourists who are arriving in Thailand, can’t afford to pay for their respective medical needs come the times when they get sick or got figured in a car accident. In addition to this, the proposal will enable the Thai government to meet the medical needs of the large number of international tourists- a number that is expected to reach 30 million in 2017. It’s recommended that you contact Chann BKK today or any hotel that you are planning to stay in to inquire about this said proposal.