Packing And Shipping Guide For Shipment Of Gifts And Products

Have you ever received a shipment or a gift only to discover that it had been damaged during transport? While you can blame circumstance, the fact is, you would never really be able to trust the one who sent the package ever again. First impressions do last. So if you are going to sent an item whether it is to a friend or customer, it is important that the item arrives whole and intact as opposed to having the recipient open it only to discover a broken mess.

To maintain the safety of the item, proper packaging must be observed. First of all, it is alright to be frugal but if you truly want to secure your package, you must use a new and strong packaging box to place your item into. If you cannot avoid using an old box, it is important that you remove the old labels in the box in order to avoid confusion and error. The package might be delivered at the wrong address or slow down the delivery. Always remember to remove all the old labels and the bar codes before sending the item.

In some cases, the shipper may provide for you shipping supplies such as boxes for free. This is actually a common thing for major shipping companies although the weight of the item being sent will also be taken into consideration.

Take note of fillers, bubble wrap and tape when packaging the products. Use them effectively and not sparingly. Provide an interior label or business card so that when the exterior label manages to come off, the shippers will still be able to deliver the item to the address or deliver it back to you.

If time is of value to you and the item must be delivered immediately, remember to check the shipping schedules and plan ahead. Just because a company promotes ‘overnight shipping’ doesn’t mean it happens all the time. Try to take advantage of their free tracking services in order to determine where your shipment is currently at. All major shippers offer free tracking via text or even online.

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