Office Furniture Retailer’s Showroom A Laboratory For Rent

In this particular office, the tables or the chairs one sees are for sale.

Extra income for an office furniture retailer

Shift Culture, a Christchurch office furniture retailer, has discovered an intelligent way in order for it to make extra income while it puts its products to the test.

It rents out its St Asaph St showroom as a short term office space to those businesses who want a drop-in area or a regular office.

The tenants are able to generate income for the furniture retailer as well as give a test-run to the products and model them to customers.

Loosely separated spaces for more interaction

Shift Culture has been in operation since June of last year. Its loosely separated spaces have been designed for “the best mind’s work” according to Helen Dennis, the furniture retailer’s manager.

The furniture has a movable office pod with a power plug and sensors which can open and close its ceiling.

It also includes an electrically powered desk that adjusts to a user’s height as well as preferred working style.

Shift is part of the Europlan furniture company selling collaborative furniture that allows a flexible use of office spaces like ad hoc meetings.

Dennis mentioned that work has become more social, and the furniture allows for more natural and creative interaction.

The showroom was created in order for people to be able to move around in the day rather than be cramped in cubicles. The layout removed the corner office too.

Tenants and price

The company now has ten tenants who are using its spaces and fits twenty-five. Tenants are architects, a printing company, human resources and a recruiter.

The regular users pay $150 weekly allowing them use in any part of its showroom. It also has desks at $25 daily.

Dennis said that Shifts wanted to attract businesses looking for a city space whether they are freelancers with a small start-up business or a big company that needs a branch office.


In sum, this is a creative approach to making money while still selling furniture. Those looking for home office furniture in Auckland or in Australia can also check this company out.

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