New Roofs For New York Residents

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Housing Authority have recently announced the completion of an $87 million roof replacement project for residential buildings in Queensbridge Houses in Astoria. The project is a part of a $300 million capital investment so that new roofs can be placed on 263 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings.

The city project aims to provide replacements to aging roofs, repairs to exterior brickwork and replacements to window sills for 6,500 residents of 26 residential buildings at Queensbridge Houses. The project which was originally set for completion in 2017 was completed months in advance because the leaking roofs have to be repaired immediately otherwise it can cause mold infestation.

Mayor de Blasio did something that past administrations overlooked. $300 million of the city’s money was used for major repairs of residences. The mayor wants to fulfill a commitment to make investments that will benefit New York residents through improvements in public housing. The focus of the city administration is infrastructure, investment and increased access guides for clean and connected public housing.

The infrastructure of a building can be protected if the building is weather resistant because it decreases the possibility for leaks. When the roof leaks, water and moisture enter the building and contributes to physical damages as well as molds and mildew. The physical structures of the residential buildings will be protected with the installation of new window sills and roofs and repair of brickwork because they will safeguard against the entry of water and moisture. Eventually, there will be fewer repairs due to moisture damages; residents will be protected and their quality of life will improve.

New roofs will reduce operating expenses because buildings become more efficient. Aside from a healthier and safer environment, living conditions will be improved and residents will enjoy a better quality of life.

The roof insulation cost is dependent on several factors like the size of the attic, the unique characteristics of the home and the materials that will be used. However, no matter the cost what is important is the comfort and energy efficiency that the family will benefit from.

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