New Office Desks For Healthier Workers

As much as workers take joy in lounging in their executive chairs for eight hours every day, studies have shown the negative impact of the activity on a person’s health. One of the wealth managers in Miami, Adam Carlin, has shared how his afternoon routine is far different from most workers despite having a desk job. Instead of sitting comfortable on a chair after his lunch break. He spends the rest of his afternoon using his standing desk. He expressed how it made him healthier compared to his old practice of sitting all day.

Health concerns have been addressed before but workers were only practicing them before or after work hours. The most recent development is that workers are being made aware of wellness even at work especially those facing their desks the whole day. According to research, Americans’ health is not very impressive these days which made the standing desk a name inside the office. More and more people are using standing desks and shared how they have benefited. From less backaches, increase in productivity to higher energy. With these, they leave work in a good more and work is done faster and more efficiently.

In order to address foot pain, there are now options for desks that a worker can adjusts either manually or electronically. In their whole day inside the office, they are able to find balance because they have more options while working – moving, standing and sitting.

The standing desk gained popularity in the financial offices of New York two years ago which made Carlin decide to buy his own. His main goal in buying the standing desk was because of his problems in back pain but it turns out that it has also helped him avoid slumping after lunch. Once he has taken his lunch, his desk will transform into standing desk which contains two monitors and a keyboard. He continues researching and talking on the phone on his feet from then on. Carlin admitted how his feet took the whole afternoon of standing but eventually got used to it and welcomed the change instead of being trapped sitting in front of his desk all day.

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