New Markets For Real Estate Investors

HomeUnion Property Investment has added five metro areas under its management. Through their website, investors who are interested in single-family rental (SFR) properties can now find what they are looking for within the following areas:


  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Davenport, Iowa/Illinois
  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Jascksonville, Florida
  • Orlando, Florida


HomeUnion expands in the abovementioned areas based on the variables such as vacancies, home prices, income trends, local economy, population growth and employment, among others. Not to mention that these newly established markets can support SFR investments.


Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University has recently issued a report that the number of people renting in the United States is steadily increasing. As a matter of fact, it reached a 35.5 percent margin in 2014, and such rise can be expected to flourish at least until 2030. Don Ganguly, HomeUnion CEO adds that such growth in the population of renters, together with the rates being offered with low interest through investment bonds is the reason why there is an increase.


Professionals and HomeUnion investors’ local representatives identify good investments before a new market is launched. These professionals are knowledgeable about real estates, including the property values, neighborhood, rent rates and property values. The five metropolitan areas are added to the areas with current list of investment properties such as Birmingham, Columbus, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, San Antonio, to name a few.


Depending on the financing use, the value in the investment markets of HomeUnion ranges from $65,000 to $225,000. In addition, it has an expected annual return from 6.5% to 14%. The return on investment is based on the following variables:


  • Amount of needed financing at closing
  • Fees
  • Rent
  • Final purchase price
  • Expense projections


HomeUnion is a game changer in a way that it has made investment in SFR available to individual investors. They also give guidance in choosing a property and provide acquisition management for the owner. They have a database of investment properties and markets. HomeUnion real estate investing assures investors of a smooth transaction throughout the process- from identification of sound investments to handling of acquisition and selling of property as needed.

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