Moving Overseas Improves Expat Health

A new study conducted by AXA PPP International, a global health insurer, has found out that many expatriates are convinced their overall health improved after moving overseas.

The results from the online survey

The online survey was participated by 463 expats, where 61% indicated that their physical health became better as compared to when they were in their home country. In addition to this, 64% believe that their mental health improved after relocation.

AXA’s study emphasized that more than half of the survey respondents’ primary reason for relocating abroad was a search for another adventure. A lot have dreams of living abroad, however these dreams are unsuccessful because of complications with work, schooling or housing. On numerous instances, the complications from one or more of the said areas can make them choose to stay instead.

Unpreparedness and moving abroad

Dr. Mark Winwood, AXA PPP International’s Director of Psychological Services mentioned that following a dream is very good for a person’s mental health, as well as well-being. He added that for those who have always wanted to live overseas, the chances are they are bound to get that sense of happiness and satisfaction when succeeding on this dream.

However, Dr. Winwood warned that they need to be prepared in doing so. He said that many people are caught up in this adventure of living abroad and don’t account the practicalities of everyday living. He added that it is good for them to be excited about a new life, but it is also crucial to think of how things are going to play out realistically.

He suggested that research and careful consideration should be taken into account especially on a specific location to live in, not only the country. He pointed out that they should be prepared, so they will not be left in a vulnerable situation and have a negative effect on their health and well-being.


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