Millions Of Trees In The United States Are Perishing

All over the United States of America, millions of trees are starting to perish and there is one culprit to be blamed – climate change.

Millions of trees are starting to die all over the US – trees in Alaska, Hawaii, California and Massachusetts. There are different reasons why there trees are dying but the root cause of all of these will lead back to one big issue nowadays, the climate change.

The Guardian recently published a very detailed article reported by Alan Yuhas and Oliver Milman. The article states that over 50,000 of acres planted with native ohi’a trees that is found in the Big Island of Hawaii have already succumbed to what is commonly referred to as ohi’a death disease. This disease turns the leaves of the evergreen trees into yellow which will eventually turn to brown in just a few short weeks. This has been happening since 2010.

According to the same report, the warming temperature has helped in spreading the four different species of beetles that sticks onto the bark of the ohi’a tree in order to feed. These beetles are the ones carrying the disease through their wings, their guts as well as the sawdust of the burrows which can easily spread it from one tree to another. In another part of the Big Island, the Honaunau National Historical Park decided to close for a while back in July because scientists were searching for clues as to why the coconut and palm trees inside the park are starting to die, together with other plants.

This plague is not just in Hawaii but also in South Miami-Dade county located in Florida. Their avocado trees have withered and the tree trunks have been filled with fungus. The transmitter of the fungal disease called laurel wilt is the redbay ambrosia beetle.

Meanwhile in Harvard Forest as well as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, there is an insect called hemlock woolly adelgid that is eating the starches stored by the hemlock trees causing them to die.

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