Meat Madness: Ultimate Burger Showdown At Centralworld, Bangkok

At the American Burger Festival last August 26 to 28, which was hosted by the US Embassy, Bangkok’s ten of the biggest names in burgers, like Mother Trucker and Daniel Thaiger, settled who actually had the best burger in a competition judged by executive chefs of Thailand.

The food joints also sold their burgers for the public to try them.

Best burger in town

The restaurants and food trucks that competed included Jim’s Burgers, Happy Fish, Hashtag, Mother Trucker, 25 Degree, PaperButter, Lobster Burger and More, Smashed Burger, Daniel Thagier and Full Moon Café.

Coconuts Bangkok gave a short review for each restaurant or food truck.

Jim’s Burgers and Beers

This started out as 3 guys sharing a passion. They feature international beers from all over the world, and one burger they have is named Jim’s Apocalypse burger – meat, fried onions, fresh greens, fries and bacon all in a bun.

Happy Fish

This is located close to the river at Asiatique. They mix fine dining with casual food.


These are authentic American burgers created by half-American siblings. Ingredients are imported from America. They use fruits for their ingredients.

Mother Trucker

The burger dressings and fresh vegetables mix greatly with either pork or beef burgers.

25 Degrees

This started in Los Angeles. Customers can choose their sauce and ingredients at this 24-hour burger place.


This is a tiny outdoor place located in Ari. There are 4 styles for their burgers.

Lobster Burger and More

Their main focus is the fresh ingredients. This is true with the lobster added in between the buns.

Smashed Burgers

This is located in MBK, and there’s always a long line of customers. Their signature burger is called Smashed Burger, comes with bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, tomatoes, fried onions and ketchup or mayo.

Daniel Thagier

They have numerous customers waiting in line to taste their burgers. The Mr. Steve burger is a must-try. It combines juicy beef with rich cheese and crispy bacon under a soft bun.

Full Moon Café

This is different from all the other burger places. They use mac & cheese as one of the primary ingredients.


In sum, even though there are multiple restaurants competing for the “best burger restaurant in Bangkok” or the “best burger joint” in town, every restaurant or food truck offers different versions of the burger. It is a matter of taste and liking.

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