Man Chops Off His Hand After Refusing To Be A Slate Roof Repairs In Sydney

A motorbike crash victim ended his unbearable pain in the hand by chopping it off with a homemade guillotine. He could have worked as a slate roof repairs in Sydney to do away with the problem.

Hopeless Mark Goddard, 44 said, he was driven to amputate his hand as the National Health Service declined his offer.

A father of one took two weeks to make a homemade guillotine using an axe, few springs, and an old gate post, which cut his left hand ten days later.

The DIY amputation was unluckily done in his garden with noanaesthetic. He unsuccessfully eased out the pain he suffered since he was aged 28. Had he been a slate roof repairs in Sydney, he could have diverted his attention to other ways.

Mr. Goddard from Devon told the medical institution that unless they cut off his arm by December, he will do it by himself.

The unemployed right handed Goddard says, his terrible pain started after a motorbike accident in 1998, which caused him a nerve injury.However, doctors declined his request as they considered his wrist and hand healthy, he said.

“It may have not ended that way if they tried to help me stop the pain. It has an option and that was having it performed in amedical institution. But there was no one to help me with this matter, so I had to do it myself. They told me that they had problems with cutting my arm as it was a good hand. So I choppedit off myself and left them no valid reason why they can’t perform surgery,” Mr. Goddard said.

When he cut his hand off, his shocked wife came home at once and found her husband throwing the severed hand onto the flames in the garden. The slate roof repairs in Sydney could just have been on stand-by.

She reached for the emergency services.but by the time they arrived, his hand was badly burnt to be saved.

Mr. Goddard claimed he lost two quarts of blood but paramedics were able to stabilize his condition.

Antecedently, he attempted to cut his hand using a knife and only managed to critically damage three tendons and a nerve.

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