Making Small Bathrooms Look Better

For anyone who has a very small bathroom, trying to fit everything in its available space is so complicated.

There is a long list of challenges in doing so. Even with the challenges, it is mostly better to fit in an extra bathroom, one that is badly needed, even though it is small.

Charmean Neithart, a Houzz contributor, suggests these tips for designing a small bathroom.

Installing a corner sink

Oftentimes, a pedestal sink disrupts the only traffic lane inside a bathroom. In this particular instance, it is best to place a corner sink from across the toilet instead of the shower.

Using a shower curtain

A shower curtain which moves back and forth conserves space than a glass door which moves in and out. A shower-tub combo can usually fit to small spaces, with several tubs at sixty inches in length.

Mounting the vanity

Aside from making a bathroom appear larger, mounting a vanity frees up some space especially for small items.

Choosing a round vanity

With a tight space, sharp corners are a hazard. When a vanity’s corners get in the way, choose a rounded one. It can work for those square spaces.

Extending the counter over a toilet

This can be done with a wood slab or stone. This creates a space for other essential items. The placement of a toilet is not affected. This look is also clean and minimalist.

Skipping the shower door

When the bathroom is only 5 ft wide, this is still enough to fit in a 30- by 60-inch tub. It is better to choose a glass panel instead of a door. It keeps the water in and free up elbow room.

Expanding the mirror

A mirror stretching across the wall enables two people to make use if it at one time.

Mounting a towel bar on the door

Mounting a towel bar on a shower door keeps the towels handy.

Installing a trough sink

When a space is limited for those Stunning Bathroom Basins, a trough sink is a solution. When this is wall mounted, it frees up the floor space.

Choosing a vanity with a single shelf

A pedestal design having a single shelf can still hold a towel or a basket for toilet paper.

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