Love’s And Digi Working Together For Effective Task Management

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores or more popularly known as Love’s has signed a multi-year agreement with Digi International, a machine-to-machine and IoT connectivity product provider for the implementation of food-temperature monitoring and to provide a task-management solution that can be used on the 400 truck stops and convenience stores all over the United States.

Love’s hopes that the new system will work satisfactorily to ensure a high level of food quality and safety across its 400 US locations. Love’s will use the system to automate food temperature monitoring and task logging to ensure compliance with public health regulations and to ease the load on its restaurant’s employees. The system will hopefully produce enterprise-wide insight and reporting which is usually the responsibility of managers and chain leaders. A system of well informed best practices can be instituted nationwide.

According to Joe Cotton, the director of restaurant services for Love’s Travel Stops, focus on the customer in everything that Love’s does is certainly an important part of its core values. In a news release, Love’s has announced that Digi emerged as the most advanced and complete system to help Love’s in delivering the best experience to its customers. After a rather expensive and thorough search, Love’s considered Digi as their best partner to help them set an industry standard for food service quality.

The subscription-based service will capture and manage all of the restaurant’s daily tasks and temperature logs through a Smartphone. The wireless temperature sensors and IoT technology are expected to ensure consistent compliance in the all the levels of food safety regulations at all Love’s locations.

Real-time insights will be produced through enterprise-level, cloud-based reporting so that managers can continue to improve on their operation’s efficiency. Digi is expected to provide the proven solution to help assign and customize job tasks according to role, time and frequency.

An Effective Task Management Software unifies tasks, data and documents in a single system so that they can easily be configured by the end users. All activities will be collected, sorted out and routed centrally for efficient task handling by the most appropriate resources to ensure full collaboration capabilities.

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