Lookout Mountain’s Canyon Ridge Resort Project Receives Overwhelming Support From The County

A master plan and strategic vision for Lookout Mountain’s Canyon Ridge Resort has been announced. According to the plans, the project will introduce a major branded, upper scale luxury resort with a conference centre and spa that will attract regional, national and international travellers.

No other location offers a mountain top, upper scale, luxury resort experience that is within 2-hour drive for 14 million people and 28 Fortune 500 companies located in Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta, Chattanooga and Huntsville. The resort will not only complement numerous tourist destinations; it will help them expand when visitors take advantage of the amenities provided by the resort.

Over the past months, Scenic Land Company has held meetings with the homeowners of Canyon Ridge, officials of the State of Georgia, the Walker County Development Authority and other stakeholders. All these efforts have resulted into an overwhelming support and confidence for the resort.

The resort will be designed to take advantage of the beautiful sunrises as well as the majestic shadows of the Lookout Mountain that covers the valley floors when the sun sets. The Scenic Land Company has hired the services of a nationally recognized team for the design, development and construction of the resort. The team members have gained a good reputation for their strong commitment to the environment and communities where they work including the attention to detail in every project they handle.

Although most of the expertise and experience required by the project cannot be found locally, Scenic Land Company is utilizing local resources for other aspects of design and construction including legal and financial services. Local investors are funding the project which means that the local community will be benefitted. The development of the luxury resort will provide tremendous opportunities that will positively impact Walker County.

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