Looking Back To The 1993 Wedding Of Donald Trump And Ex-Wife Marla Maples

Twenty years ago, before Donald Trump became President-elect, he celebrated his marriage with Marla Maples. It was a lavish ceremony and the couple received over $23,000 in wedding gifts purchased from Tiffany & Co.

Trump who is now 70 years old, celebrated his second marriage in the Plaza Hotel’s Grand Ballroom last December 20, 1993. The wealthy couple has everything they could ever want but the wedding guests made sure they spend enough for their gifts.

The gift registry from Tiffany & Co. was signed by guests including Mariah Carey and Kathie Lee Gifford. Don King gave the most expensive gift of all the guests which is a bowl that cost $1,250.

The couple is obviously fans of Tiffany & Co., a luxury brand. Too much that Donald and Marla decided to name their daughter after it. Marla has given birth two month prior to the wedding day.

During the nuptials, the bride wore a gown made by Carolina Herrera made of satin and has an off shoulder design. She also added a tiara that contains 325 pieces of diamonds which cost $2 million.

Donald did not mind spending a lot for the wedding reception because the guests were served with caviar that reportedly cost $60,000 and they were able to feast on sushi, turkey, smoked fish, beef, lamb and a wedding cake that is six feet and made of vanilla cream.

Two days after the wedding, Marla created the bridal registry and only a few of the 1,500 invited guests were able to stop by and order to give the couple their gift, a month after their wedding date. She has included 24 dinner plates, worth $60 each, on her list but only 4 were purchased. Meanwhile, she listed 48 bowls and not one was purchased by any of the guest. Meanwhile, Mariah Carey spent $610 for a decanter and Kathie Lee bought the $300 serving platter on the list.

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