Life Sciences Take On Gap Analysis Improvements

Indian biopharmaceutical companies how now started adapting to improvements and developments in technology and ways of performing gap analysis. It is admittedly a slower adoption of these than in the US and EU markets.

Next Gen Sequencing has the ability to identify errant genes in quick and cost effective manner. This is an advancement to curing disease indications. With Big data and SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) working together, the union of these three ways on how to perform gap analysis and ensuring the safety of the patients shows signs that value is being delivered at an increasing rate.

Ram Yeleswarapu, president and CEO of Take Solutions, has stated that although there is skepticism in using cloud computing in life sciences, use of social media with mobile platforms and analytics are rampant and continuously growing nowadays. When almost all sectors involved and working with pharma companies (such as vendors, suppliers, and partners) are using these technologies and tools, it is inevitable that usage of SMAC is a growing trend. The belief and realization that SMAC will deliver optimized and efficient solutions to the companies are now coming true.

In addition, Yeleswaparu also noted that another emerging trend in technology for data gathering of quality patient and volunteer data is rising. This is Internet of Things (IoT) and together with Social Media patient groups, IoT is beginning to provide results in the reduction of the complexity of data gathering especially for pivotal trials of non-critical diseases. The only problem is that the devices needed costs a lot and there is a need for a methodology that will help in device recalibration and stabilization.

The continuous developments in technology and pressures due to higher investments and expectations have pushed pharma companies to innovate and be efficient. Even manufacturing locations are now being closely considered due to manufacturing concerns. For Take Solutions, it just doesn’t end in drug development but in post-approval as well. The improved regulations are driving these adoptions of new technologies.

A company’s capability on how to perform a gap analysis and provide a path to efficiency matters. Pharma companies need to realize that the global regulations and alignment with market forces will inevitably help these markets be sustainable and able to stay in the competing market for a long time.

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